For the similarly named weapon, see Thompson Submachine Gun.

The Thompson Sub Machine Gun is a weapon in Serious Sam Advance.


The Thompson Sub Machine Gun is an automatic weapon with a good rate of fire. It does not need to be reloaded, allowing the user to constantly fire it.

The Thompson Sub Machine Gun is first found in Amon Thule ormally, or The Temple of Herkat Lower via a secret.


  • The Thompson Sub Machine Gun is very useful for taking out groups of medium-strength or weak enemies, such as Methug Commanders or Beheaded Kamikazes. It has a fast enough rate of fire and does enough damage per bullet that it can wipe out a group fast enough.
  • The Thompson is also effective against a single stronger enemy, as the steam of bullets from the gun will constantly stun the monster, making it harmless until the player kills it.
  • The ammo for it is fairy common, allowing the player to use it for extended periods of time.