The Time Strike is a teleportation weapon that appears in Serious Sam Advance.


At first glance, the Time Strike appears be be just a joystick with a red button on top of it. However, it is much more complicated than that. When Sam hits the red button, the machine remembers the exact time, day and coordinates of the enemy Sam is targeting. Then, when Sam gets back to the present day, the scientists download the data and toss a piano or safe back in time to the location listed on the machine. Basically, it uses stable time loops to kill enemies.

In-game, the Time Strike will toss a piano on an enemy that's is in the player's crosshairs. The projectile does a good amount of damage per hit, and it can be shot over and over.

The Time Strike is first obtained in the Gladiator School.


  • The Time Strike is a great weapon to use against enemies above the player. The piano will always hit the target, making it easy to kill the enemy without having to juggle the game's aiming system so that the player will hit the enemy.
  • It is also handy against faraway enemies because the piano will always hit them. This lets the player save ammo for other weapons that might miss the enemy at longer ranges, such as the Minigun.
  • The Time Strike has a very low amount of maximum ammo, so only use it against tough enemies, such as the Gunrilla. Using it against something like a Bladder Beast is usually a waste of ammo.


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