"Abu Simbel. Come for the temples. Stay for the aliens and explosions."
Together Forever is the second level of Jewel of the Nile, the DLC for Serious Sam 3: BFE.


After arriving at Abu Simbel, Sam searches nearby tombs to find the Sirian control room that will activate the time lock. He visits the tomb of Ramses the Great, an ancient Egyptian leader, but with the help of Quinn he finds out that the statue of his wife, Nefretari, is missing. He goes looking for her statue in another nearby tomb, recovers it, but as it turns out, the control room wasn’t in Ramses’ tomb either, so he continues his journey to find it.


The first area contains mostly Hatchling Arachnoids, Harpies and a Major Bio-mechanoid. Using the bouble-barrel shotgun, Mutilator or melee attacks, you can easily take out the Arachnoids, use the Mutilator to destroy the Harpies as well. Rockets should do the trick when you encounter the Majors, unless you need to preserve them, in which case the lasergun would do as well.

When you see the entrance of the military base, do not approach it, as it is guarded by two Minigun Turrets. Instead, go to the rightmost side of the wall and jump in the hole inside it, then travel within the base. There, you will find some supplies and a container of C-4s. Look around for a keycard, located within a hut, disable the miniguns and open the gate. Watch out for a nearby Khnum, as well as a flock of more Harpies. After taking them out, proceed to the gates of Abu Simbel.

The lasergun, rocket launcher and Devastator would be your best bets for the following fights, but try to not waste too much ammo, as you’ll need it (although you’ll be given more supplies as you progress). There’s plenty of sniper rounds lying around, so don’t hesitate to use it. After picking up the statue of Nefretari, watch out, because as you exit the temple, you will encounter yet another flock of Harpies, another Khnum and a horde of Kleers. Move back to Sethrikopshef’s tomb, place the statue on the pedestal and the level will be complete.


  • As said, there’s a lot of sniper ammo lying around, so don’t be afraid to use it, but not too much (i.e. for taking out an entire flock of Harpies).
  • You can save ammo when fighting the first Kleer/Werebull horde by luring them into the Minigun turrets. Stand to the left of the left turret and most of the enemies will run straight through their target area, being gunned down on the way. Keep the double-barrel shotgun or axe out for the occasional stray Kleer though.
  • In the tomb of Nefretari, when you encounter a locked door and NETRICSA displays “Analyzing…”, go to the left and right rooms in the walls. Approach the statues, and they will move away, revealing a switch beneath them. Press both the switches.
  • In the leftmost puzzle in the tomb, beneath the staircase is a switch. Press it, and another staircase will rise above in the room. Hurry up and climb it, then press the switch in the hole at its end. After pressing that switch, dive back into the water, and use the switch within the right wall of the pool to make the water rise, thus allowing you to access one  more switch due to the higher water level and open one of the locked doors in the main area.
  • In the middle left puzzle, look for staircases that go down. After encountering a different-looking wall, look around for switches. Press them, then go back to the wall, it should’ve moved away, revealing a new path. Sometimes there are 2 switches, so look thoroughly if you see two of such walls. At the end is the switch that opens yet another of the locked doors.
  • In the middle right puzzle, look at the pillars’ bases. There should be a switch in almost every one of them. Press every switch, and watch what happens at first. You’ll notice a staircase will rise (which you will climb), leading to the circling pillars (which you will jump on), and then see a moving platform (which, again, you will jump on). By the end, when the platform stops moving, jump on the next platform and from there to the switch. Use it to unlock another locked door.
  • In the rightmost puzzle, make sure to jump so that the extremely high-speed object doesn’t hit you and knock you back to the start of the hallway. Also watch out for two sections of the wall, one on the right and one on the left, constantly going back and forth. Hide in the open wall segments to avoid them. In the right wall, one of such segments contains a switch. Use it to open the final locked door.


  1. As you start, go to the second building near the shoreline. Fall down from the cliff next to it, and look at it to spot a cave. Walk within the cave to find a ladder, which you must use to climb up and into the house to find a secret cannon. From there, you can open the house's door by pressing the Use button.
  2. Just after the ruins in the first area, go to the leftmost part of the mountain and follow the mountainside. When you reach the first house, go behind it, and you’ll spot a door. Destroy it with an axe to discover a secret Frustrated Kamikaze.
  3. In the military base, near the tower on the right, is a large garbage container with crates near it. Jump on the crates, and from there to the container. Look up from there until you see a ladder, press E to use it and climb up inside the tower to pick up a secret minigun.
  4. From the first tomb, follow the cliffside to the corner to find an entrance to another tomb. Go inside to find a “Secret Legend of the Beast”, with a miniature Khnum in it. The secret is between the two tombs.


  • The secret Frustrated Kamikaze is using a computer, which is running the Total Commander program. The folder which is open is the folder containing the computer monitor model files.