The Tomb of Ramses III is the third level of Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam HD.


After obtaining the first element, Sam must now acquire the second one, which is located in the Tomb of Ramses III, in order to open the passage to Memphis together with the other elements.


First PartEdit

After killing the 2 Beheaded Rocketeers (or Kleer Skeletons on Serious difficulty) in the starting area, proceed up the stairs, where you will encounter a Kamikaze. After reaching the top of the stairs, turn left to face a Beheaded Bomber. After you kill him, continue to the end of the stairs. After you're done, you'll find yourself in a rather large room, where you have three choices; go straight in front, go to the left and go to the right. Only enemies lie in the left and right wings of the room. Proceed straight ahead, where you will encounter a Kleer Skeleton in the middle of a tight hallway, along with a Gnaar and some Bombers.

Then you'll be in a tiny room. Walk along the end of the other corridor, and you'll find yourself in another rather large room. There are some enemies there. After clearing it, proceed to the stairs and an open door to another room. After reaching halfway to the top of the stairs in the next room, the wall in the left will lower and you'll be attacked by enemies. Picking up the Health Pill behind the wall on higher difficulties will cause the wall to rise again and some enemies will spawn. After leaving the room with the wall, you have two options.

Go up the stairs and into a corridor, or go into another room with a Health Pill lying there. When you're near it, the health pill will move away and you'll hear a sneaky laughter. After picking it up, when it stops moving, some enemies will spawn at the door. If you walk through the corridor, when you're near its end, the exit and entrance will be blocked, and a Juvenile Arachnoid will spawn, along with Gnaars or Kamikazes, depending on difficulty. You should take cover behind the columns to avoid being shot by the Arachnoid. The blocks will be rise and free the exit when you kill it.

Second partEdit

After walking through the corridor and up the stairs, you'll encounter some Rocketeers and another Arachnoid. After you're done, you will find some more stairs. Walk up to them to encounter some more Rocketeers, Bombers, floating and walking Gnaars and another Arachnoid. On the very left edge of the room, there's a health item. Picking it up will spawn enemies. After you clear the room, proceed up the stairs. You can turn left or right, when you're at the "top" of the staircase. Right will be some power-ups, but entering it will cause another Arachnoid to be spawned on the opposite staircase. On higher difficulties, some Kleers will also be spawned and charge at you from the stairs. On the left, you will find some more enemies, such as a Kleer and Bombers. When you kill them, walk towards the stairs, but you watch out for any suspicious enemy hiding behind the wall in the right before going up the staircase on higher difficulties.

From there, you can continue walking until you see an open "door" on your right, and a Ramses door on the left. Going through the open door will lead you into another monster trap, with some pickups, while on the left, is where you progress your mission. Once you pass through the Ramses door to some staircases, you won't be able to return back. On top of the staircase, on the left and right, next to you, are some Rocketeers, in both staircases. In the second staircase though, there are some in front of you as well as a Kamikaze.

There's an Armor Shard in the end of the staircase, which spawns an Arachnoid on some room behind and above you. Proceed forward, you'll encounter some Rocketeers on top of the columns in the big hall. After going up the staircase, you'll encounter some Kleers, Gnaars and more Beheaded Soldiers. You can turn left and pick up an Armor Shard (or Extra Life in Serious Sam Xbox), which will spawn further more enemies, or go right and continue with your mission.

The final fightEdit

The final fight is consisted of four waves:

  • First wave: Kleers, Gnaars and Beheaded Soldiers.
  • Second wave: Kleers only.
  • Third wave: Marsh Hoppers.
  • Fourth wave: An Adult Arachnoid, and two Beheaded Bombers (or Juvenile Arachnoids) behind it.

There's also a Double Barreled Shotgun in the middle of the room. Picking it up before the fight ends will spawn some Rocketeers and a female Gnaar.

For the first wave, using the Double Barreled Shotgun to destroy the Kleer Skeletons and either the COLTs, Pump Action Shotgun or Tommy Gun to dispose off the beheaded Soldiers will work.

For the second wave, use the Double Barreled Shotgun. You can also hide behind a lamp in either of the edges of the room, if you wish, which will prevent the Kleers from damaging you, as it stops their leap attack when they impact with it and blocks their projectiles from reaching you.

For the third wave, use the Tommy Gun, if you have it. It will make short work of those Marsh Hoppers. If you don't, use either the Colts or the Pump Action Shotgun. Although, the Chainsaw is the best weapon for this situation, which is available to you if you're playing Serious Sam Xbox.

And for the last, but not least, fourth wave, just use the Rocket Launcher if available, or try to get close to the Adult Arachnoid, while shooting it with the Colts, and then the Pump Action Shotgun when close enough, and then the Double Barreled Shotgun when closer. The Tommy Gun could also make a good alternative, if you have ammo. Then, kill the 2 Bombers or Juveniles and proceed to the end of the level.


  1. In the first room, where you can go either left, right or straight, go right and take the stairs to the upper part. Eventually, you'll come across the edge of the platform. Jump the gap between the platform you're standing on to the opposite platform to find a secret place.
  2. Before the room with the wall that lowers and the ambush, jump up the lamp on the right, and from there on the ledge. Turn left to find a secret passage to the corridor with the Juvenile Arachnoid.
  3. From #2, walk right. After 2 turns, you'll see a +100 Health.
  4. After killing the Juvenile Arachnoid, walk out of the corridor and take the stairs to the left. From there, turn left, you'll see some more stairs. Walk up to them, and to the edge of the platform, you'll see a portal (it's more obvious in the HD version of the game), jump in it to be teleported to a secret place with a Rocket Launcher.
  5. The Rocket Launcher from #4.
  6. From the Ramses door, walk turn 180 degrees instead and you'll see a column. Follow the platform halfway to it, and turn right, you'll see another platform. Jump on it and follow it to the end, and then turn right to see another secret +100 health.
  7. Before the final fight, turn right as you're next to the door, go to the edge of the wall, and turn left, you'll see a secret passageway. Walk up to it to find a secret room full of goodies (this will spawn some Kleers before the passageway on higher difficulties).
  8. From #7, there's a door which leads to the "room" where the Juvenile Arachnoid was when you pick up the armor shard at the top of the second staircase when entering the room. There's a +200 armor there.

Enemy, item and weapon countEdit

EnemiesTourist and Easy Single Player Normal Single PlayerHard and Mental single playerSerious Difficulty single playerTourist Co-Op Easy and Normal Co-opHard and Mental Co-OpSerious Co-Op
Beheaded Rocketeers3132372731323727
Beheaded Bombers55885588
Beheaded Firecrackers11111111
Beheaded Kamikazes781414771414
Male Gnaars1215191112151911
Female Gnaars22322232
Kleer Skeletons2632466226324662
Marsh Hoppers3535353535353535
Juvenile Arachnoids34683468
Adult Arachnoids11111111
Minor Bio-mechanoids00030003
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Healths16
Small Healths13
Medium Healths9
Large Healths3
Super Healths2
Extra Small Armors6
Medium Armors5
Large Armors1
Extra Large Armors1
Super Armors1
WeaponsAll difficulties
Double Barrel Coach Guns1
XPML21 Rocket Launchers1
AmmunitionAll difficulties


  • This level has a more blueish atmosphere in the classic version of the game.
  • The part before the Ramses door and after the corridor where you first encounter the Juvenile was the base of the deathmatch map "Horus Web", in Serious Sam HD. Only though during the day, and with some missing parts from the ceiling so sunrays can come in.
  • In Serious Sam Xbox, this level is named "Tomb of Ramses", not "Tomb of Ramses III".


  • In the final fight, if the player stands in the area the Adult Arachnoid would spawn (i.e. near where the stairs would lower), the stage will be unwinnable. Progress requires reloading a previous save.