The UH-60 Black Hawk is a US military utility helicopter used by the Earth Defense Force, during Mental's invasion of Earth.


The UH-60 Black Hawk is a large helicopter that is designed to transport people by the Earth Defense Force. It has several seats which serves its purpose as a transport helicopter from area to area, but has no weapon systems, which made it an easy target for anti-air weapons to shoot it down.

Appearances Edit

Black Hawk missile systems

The Black Hawk was equipped with a missile approach warning system in case of missiles, such as rockets fired by Major Bio-mechanoids.

Serious Sam 3: BFE Edit

The first Black Hawk in the game was piloted by Miller with his co-pilot, and transported the Alpha Team (which consisted of Sam, Jones and Rodriguez) to Cairo in order to find and rescue Professor Stein from the museum. However, it was shot down by a Major Bio-mechanoid soon after it entered Cairo and the rest of the crew were killed except for Sam who got bailed out from the Black Hawk's evasive maneuvers, due to his stubbornness for not wearing a seatbelt.

The second Black Hawk was piloted by Hellfire, and she extracted Serious Sam from the Great Pyramid and flew to Karnak. This was the only Black Hawk in the game that was not shot down.

The last Black Hawk was piloted by Wilson. It was used to pick up Sam from Luxor back to the EDF base. During the flight to the base, there had been a problem with the Time-Lock and Wilson changed course and dropped Sam at the island of Philae to fix the Time-Lock error. Later, after Sam finished his mission, he extracted him from the tomb of Sethirkopshef and transported him back to EDF headquarters, but it was shot down near The Lost Temples of Nubia by another Major Bio-mechanoid due to Wilson's carelessness. However, Sam survived once again, but he lost communications with headquarters.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • A Black Hawk appeared in a preview image for the Unnamed Military Shooter. However, the model shown in the screenshot is notably different from the one that appears in Serious Sam 3.


  • In real life, Black Hawks are equipped with countermeasures to counter heat-seeking or surface-to-air missiles, but in-game, none of the pilots used countermeasures, and could only avoid the Major Bio-mech's missiles by performing evasive maneuvers, (though Wilson didn't react in time to avoid the missiles later in the game, and was shot down as a result).
  • Out of the three Black Hawks in the game, two of them were shot down.
  • Miller was the only pilot to pilot the helicopter with a co-pilot.
  • Wilson was the only pilot that picked up Sam twice.
  • The Black Hawk has the EDF logo on its sides.