Under the Iron Cloud is the fifth level of Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Professor Stein's writings say that the secret to activating the Time-Lock is around the Pyramid of Khufu. After two transports have been shot down, Sam Stone rejects air transport and elects to travel on foot. Unfortunately he's drawn the ire of Mental, who sends a new foe for Stone to conquer.


  1. At the pedestrian bridge — On the right side of the bridge is a building with a pickup on a third floor balcony. To get there jump onto the ledge of the ruined building just beyond the bridge, hop over to the target building, crawl under, then jump at the pickup. Reward: Sniper Bullets +3.
  2. Near the pedestrian bridge — Just after the bridge, take a right into an alleyway. Hop on a box and over the wall to collect some ammo. Reward: C4 Explosive +3.
  3. Before the overpass — In a corner after the mosque is a garbage bag. Destroy it and take the pickup. Reward: Electricity +50.
  4. After the overpass — Once off the overpass, head back along it. There's a garage with a car in it; look behind it for a pickup. Reward: Minigun Bullets +100.
  5. After the overpass, on top of a building — At the garage with a car in it, climb the boxes and then onto the building. Walk back in the direction of the overpass and around the corner. Hop on the air conditioner on your side, then take a sprinting leap to the air conditioner on the white building and climb onto the roof. Take the weapon. Reward: Cannon.
  6. After the overpass — Further back along the overpass there's a stack of barrels in front of a barb-wire topped wall. Jump over and pickup the weapon, spawning a Kleer Skeleton. The boxes are indestructible so you can always get out. This also allows you to return to before the overpass. (Alternate path: When still on the overpass, keep left, and sprint jump just past the grated fence up here, into the area of the Lasergun below.) Reward: XL2 Lasergun, Health +1.
  7. Perpendicular to the overpass — Along the road you get off onto after stepping off the overpass you can see a shipping container, and then left of that a portable with ammo on top. Climb the wall with graffiti on it, using the crates. Jump along the walls back to the shipping container and then over to the portable, and pickup the ammo. Reward: Cannonballs +4.
  8. At the shipping container — Once on top of the portable (from secret 7), jump back onto the wall further away from the road after the vents. Drop down behind the wall to get a "Useless secret area found!" message. Reward: The satisfaction of having done a good job.
  9. After the underpass — There's a big fight along this road which has a mosque at the end of it on the left. On the right is a ruined building. Jump up into the window using the ruined wall to climb up, and then drop down and pickup the pill bottle. This spawns the message "Secret nuthouse found!" and at least 3 Major Bio-Mechanoids. (Alternate path: Go all around the mosque to find two concrete barriers, these can be blown up with several rockets.) Reward: Health +1.
  10. After the underpass — At the end of the road after the underpass on the left at the corner of the mosque and the blockade is an armor helmet hidden in bushes. Reward: Armor +10.
  11. Before the drop down — Back along that road is a ruined car before a wall. Jump on the car and over the wall, then take the ammo. Reward: Cannonballs +4.
  12. On a building before the drop down — If you look up on the third floor of a building before secret 11 you can see a pill bottle. Get back up on the wall, walk around the building, jump up onto your ledge, then jump across to grab the bottle. Reward: Health +1.
  13. The ruins, far-right section — Along the right-hand wall near the far wall is some debris sticking out (not those ammo "refill" zones). Behind one of the chunks is a health pickup. Reward: Health +100. Message: "Secret found!"

Enemy, item and weapon countEdit

EnemiesTourist, Easy and Normal Single PlayerHard, Serious and Mental single playerTourist, Easy and Normal Co-opHard, Serious and Mental Co-Op
Beheaded Kamikazes42424242
Kleer Skeletons50505050
Cloned Shotgunners5555
Cloned Riflemen15151515
Scythian Witch-Harpies47474747
Minigun Turrets1111
Hatchling Arachnoids41414141
Adult Arachnoids9999
Hatchling Antaresian Spiders87918791
Juvenile Antaresian Spiders39393939
Major Biomechanoids3366
Alcor Class Warships1111
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Healths177
Small Healths17
Medium Healths13
Large Healths2
Super Healths3
Extra Small Armors18
Small Armors26
Medium Armors8
Large Armors5
Extra Large Armors1
Ammo Crates (Rockets)6
WeaponsAll difficulties
M29 Infantry Assault Rifles2
XPML21 Rocket Launchers2
XL2 Laserguns1
C-4 Demolition Charges25
SBC Cannons1
AmmunitionAll difficulties
Shell Boxes43
Shell Magazines3
Assault Rifle Bullet Boxes35
Assault Rifle Bullet Magazines6
Minigun Bullet Boxes1
Sniper Rifle Bullets1


  • Tourist: There's a few rocket jump skips. First is firing a rocket at a tree near the start. Similar jumps are scattered through the level.

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