Ursul Suburbs is the fifth level of Serious Sam 2.


Soon after entering Ursul, Sam sees a Simba attacked by two Spiky Bulldogs. After killing the Bulldogs, the Simba gives Sam a pair of Uzis as thanks for saving his life. Soon after, more Spiky Bulldogs attack. After clearing them out, Sam travels through the suburbs until he reaches a large building, which contains plenty of ammo and a RAPTOR Sniper Rifle.

Sam grabs what he needs, then continues to fight through the suburbs. After going down another street, he ends up in front of Lucky's prison, which is heavily guarded. Sam clears out every enemy sent to stop him, then enters the prison in order to find the Shaman, who knows how to get the Medallion piece.


1. As soon as you spawn into the level, starting walking along the right-most buildings. Soon, you will run into a building that has a Serious Bomb on it's roof. On the left side of the building are some crates stacked so that you can jump on them and reach the Serious Bomb. If they start falling when you jump on them thanks to the physics, try to stack the crates so that they recreate the original configuration as best as possible.

2. In the second area, there is a right angle-shaped area in the middle of it. On the right side of this angle is a awing made out of grass. Under it is a switch. Press the switch and a large Zombie Stockbroker will spawn. A few seconds later, a large boxing glove will appear out of a nearby building and kill him in one hit.

3. Walk along the left side of the second area until you see a chicken on top of a building to your right. Shoot it, and a Large Health will be spawned.

4. When you enter the third area, look to the left of the large building/ammo depot. There will be an alley. Go to the end of the alley and look up. You'll see two Rocket ammo pickups being suspended by a wooden plank. Shoot the plank, and the rocket ammo will fall. Pick them up.

5. As soon as you enter the ammo depot in the third section, turn left and you'll see a grate. Blow up the grate with a Rocket, then go to the right of the red curtain just past the grate. You will find a rope toilet flusher. Use it, and the water under the grate will recede long enough for you to jump in and grab the Treasure Chest inside it.

6. After grabbing the RAPTOR Sniper Rifle, several targets will appear in the area that contains the ammo depot you were just in. All of them must be shot to activate the secret. The first one is located on a building to the left, the second is located on a building very far to the right, the third is located on a building to the right of the entrance to the third area, the fourth one is located by turning right from where you exited the depot, and the final one is found on the right side of the actual depot building. When all of the targets are shot, an Extra Large Armor will spawn.