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    IGN released a video with 2 newbs playing the possible full version of Serious Sam 3: BFE, wbefore they started the gameplay, they revealed the chapters and game modes of it!

    Single Player

    Network Play

    Split Screen



    Quit (exit in the console version)









    Mental (unlocked after finishing teh campaign in any difficulty)

    1-Summer in Cairo

    2-Into the Spider´s Nest

    3-Broken Wings

    4-No Place to Hide

    5-Under the Iron Cloud

    6-The Silent Riddler

    7-Unearthing the Sun

    8-The Dark Bride (boss battle)

    9-The Power of the Underworld

    10-The Lord of the Harpies of Nubia

    10-The Last Man on Earth

    The SOP38 Pistol has now a different model and sights

    The weapons will get covered in blood if a Kamikaze explodes on Sam

    The sc…

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    yes, it was finally released, all the weapons that will be in the game, it also announces new and classic weapons that were not shown on the GC, anyway enjoy it!

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    September 30, 2011 by Zombine™

    not exactly a blog post..... but anyway:

    there is a stupid little prick on youtube named 'rickyriddysguardian' who is commenting on ALL the SS3 trailers saying that is 'worse than DNF' and 'stupid', and saying that 'Serious Sam is Seriously unfunny' and he also calls everyone '''mad' or 'HURR DURR'

    so, he thinks one of the most classic FPS games of all time and one of the best games of our freaking lifes sucks???, he probably never played any Serious Sam game before

    if you got a youtube account, please go to his channel and say to him that Serious Sam is epicly badass and then report him for mass spamming until we got this pussy out of youtube

    thank you for being a seriously serious fan of Serious Sam :D

    His channel:…

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  • Zombine™

    i play SS since 2000, i love it, one of teh best games i´ve played it

    but ive got even more happy after my friend gifter me Serious Sam 3: BFE Serious Digital Edition on steam ;D

    click here to see what happend:

    just post in the comments what you think will be like

    but, i am SFFOSS (so f***** fanboy of serious sam), i can awnser almost any queston about BFE

    just ask to me :D

    From: Gregory Theodore Zombine

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