Sam, after capturing the second element, must now fight his way through the Valley of the Kings to the Chambers of Horus, where he will find the third element.



You'll spawn in a temple. Make sure you grab any Shells if you can get any. Emerge from the temple where you'll encounter a few enemies. The Beheaded Rocketeers, Beheaded Kamikazes and Gnaars are easy to deal with, the Kleers and the Werebull require some extra effort. After killing all enemies, proceed towards the temple. Some Biomechanoid Minors will spawn in: use the Revolvers on them, or, if you have it, the secret Tommy Gun from the previous level will do too. Marsh Hoppers will also come in to assist the Biomechs: the Shotgun is ideal against them, the Tommy Gun better. After killing all Biomech Minors, a Biomechanoid Major will appear! If you have the secret Rocket Launcher from Hatshepsut or Tomb of Ramses III, now it the time to use it. Afterwards, proceed towards the temple. An Alduran Reptiloid Common will spawn at the end of the stairs: get in close and use the Double Shotgun on him. Proceed towards the temple entrance: and gaze your eyes upon the XPML21 Rocket Launcher (SS1)! But beware, picking it up will cue a boss battle with a Alduran Reptiloid Highlander! He isn't as tough as he looks, though: use the Rocket Launcher on him while continuously strafing. Once he drops, the temple door will open up. Proceed.

Temple, Ankh PuzzleEdit

Upon entering the temple, you'll be in an open-roofed area with an Ankh in the middle. Bad news is it's on a pillar you can't reach: even with rocket jumping. In order to lower the Ankh, you will need to flip two switches in seperate rooms at each side of the area. At first, only Beheaded Rocketeers will attack you. However, upon flipping one switch, some Gnaars and a Juvenile Arachnoid will spawn in, aswell as a Common Reptiloid! After flipping all switches, the pillar where the Ankh is will lower and will be up for grabs. Now that you have it, you can proceed through the door. Mind the Arachnoid that spawns behind the door though! Pick up any supplies and proceed inside the temple.

Temple, InteriorEdit

You'll come in a long, dark corridor. If you proceed, you'll spawn in some Gnaars, Beheaded Bombers and Beheaded Firecrackers. Deal with them and proceed through the corridor: mind the Kleers though! Proceed and you'll come in a room where the door closes behind you once you enter: 2 Gnaars and a Beheaded Bomber spawn in. Kill both Gnaars to open the exit door. Out of the exit door come two Kleers: behind you a Marsh Hopper horde! Once you're done, continue to where the Kleers came from: a few weak enemies will attack you on the way. After descending a staircase full of Extra Small Healths, you'll have two choices: go straight ahead to a room full of supplies or go right immediately on the path. Either way, you will deal with some Kleers. Continuing on the main path, you will be attacked by an Adult Arachnoid and some Marsh Hoppers. Continue through the hallway: the door on your left will be locked. Instead go right, where you'll be ambushed by a Kleer. And in your sight is a thick, black fog. Go to the fog to 'pass the wall of darkness'. Pick up the supplies and flip the switch. You can't go back through the wall of darkness, and you will hear Kleers coming towards you. Be prepared for the upcoming fight. After you're done, you can pass through the wall again, and the door that was previously locked will now be open again. Go through the door, only to be ambushed by Beheaded Firecrackers and Kamikazes. Proceed, until you come in a room with a Large Health locked behind bars. Seemingly a trap, the exit door is closed, so it's your only way out. Deal with the enemies in the area and pick up the health. The bars behind you will close, trapping you in the room. The upcoming fight will consist in you fighting Rocketeers, and afterwards Kleers and Arachnoids. After you're done, the bars will open up again. You can now proceed through the door that was previously locked. You'll enter an area with two rooms on your left and right. Go in the room on the left first ,kill the Firecrackers and flip the switch on the statue's base. Some spikes will dissapear in another area. Go to the other area you saw and pick up the Stone Ankh in the pool. Exit the area and enter the door on your right. You'll see a Tommy Gun before your eyes: pick it up and quickly run into a corner for the upcoming Marsh Hopper attack. The Marsh Hoppers will spawn from the light that appears in the opening pyramid: prepare. After you're done, a door on the top-left of the room will open up. A Kleer awaits you behind the door, so be careful. Past this point, you'll be done with any combat. Head along the path and recover the element. Next, cross the bridge to go to Oasis, or look in the secrets section below for instructions for getting to Moon Mountains.


  1. Blow up all the statues in the level (five in total): this will automatically reveal secret #3.
  2. In the room after you pick up the tommy gun, once past the door on the front on the left, and you're up the ramp, turn right and look at the corner, you will see a bouncer. Use the bouncer to be catapulted onto a platform on the ceiling of the room. Collect the secret armor +100 on the platform.
  3. Once near the rope bridge in the end, turn right, and follow the health pill path. You will come across a giant spherical rock sticking out of the wall. Shoot it with a rocket to reveal a secret teleport. The rock is destroyed if you blow up all the statues in the level.
  4. After going through the teleport, go through the cave's exit. This will lead you to Moon Mountains.

Enemy, Item and Weapon countEdit

EnemiesTourist and Easy Single Player Normal Single PlayerHard and Mental single playerSerious Difficulty single playerTourist Co-Op Easy and Normal Co-opHard and Mental Co-OpSerious Co-Op
Beheaded Rocketeers5262534852625348
Beheaded Bombers67766776
Beheaded Firecrackers891111891111
Beheaded Kamikazes1523232115232321
Male Gnaars10121281012128
Female Gnaars14161741416174
Kleer Skeletons2547567725475677
Marsh Hoppers7991919179919191
Scythian Witch-Harpies00340034
Sirian Werebulls03330333
Juvenile Arachnoids5791157911
Adult Arachnoids00020002
Common Aludran Reptiloids22232223
Highlander Aludran Reptiloids11111111
Reeban Electro-Fishes36883688
Minor Biomechanoids25672567
Major Biomechanoids11221122
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Healths36
Small Healths12
Medium Healths11
Large Healths3
Super Healths3
Extra Small Armors9
Medium Armors6
Large Armors7
Extra Large Armors4
Super Armors3
WeaponsAll difficulties
XPML21 Rocket Launchers1
M1A2 Thompsons1
AmmunitionAll difficulties


  • When passing through the Wall of Darkness, in Serious Sam Xbox, creepy music, similar to the one that plays when the Exotech Larva emerges, will play.
  • In Serious Sam 1, to get to Moon Mountains, there was a platform-swing that you had to jump on to get across the river and there were nine statues to destroy (five throughout the level and four by the element). In Serious Sam Xbox, it is done via a cinematic, where Gnaars are apparently filming a movie, and they keep stopping and redoing it to annoy Sam, who then pulls out his Minigun and kills them all and destroys their set. In Serious Sam HD, there's a teleporter that you can use to get to the other side of the river.

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