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Valley of the Kings is the fourth level of Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter.


Sam, after capturing the second Element, must now fight his way through the Valley of the Kings to the Chambers of Horus, where he will find the Fire Element.


  1. Blow up all the statues in the level (five in total): this will automatically reveal secret #3.
  2. In the room after you pick up the Tommygun, once past the door on the front on the left, and you're up the ramp, turn right and look at the corner, you will see a bouncer. Use the bouncer to be catapulted onto a platform on the ceiling of the room. Collect the secret armor on the platform.
  3. (HD only) Once near the rope bridge in the end, turn right, and follow the health pill path. You will come across a giant spherical rock sticking out of the wall. Shoot it with a rocket to reveal a secret teleport. The rock can only be destroyed if you blow up all the statues in the level.
  4. (HD only) After going through the teleport, go through the cave's exit. This will lead you to Moon Mountains.

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Serious Sam FusionEdit

Fire element Fire Element
Obtain the Fire Element.


  • When passing through the Wall of Darkness in Serious Sam Xbox, creepy music similar to the music that plays when the Exotech Larva emerges will play.
  • In Serious Sam 1, to get to the Moon Mountains, there was a platform-swing that you had to jump on to get across the river and there were nine statues to destroy (five throughout the level and four by the element). In Serious Sam Xbox, it is done via a cinematic, where Gnaars are apparently filming a movie, and they keep stopping and redoing it to annoy Sam, who then pulls out his minigun and kills them all and destroys their set. In Serious Sam HD, there's a teleporter that you can use to get to the other side of the river.