Wheels of Fortune is the 16th level of Serious Sam 2.


Serious Sam has now arrived at Prince Chan's amusement park. To escape, he must give a coin to three booths scattered throughout the park. Thankfully for him, there are three coins in the park. However, Mental's forces are waiting for him, and attack every time he picks up a coin.

Eventually, Sam manages to make it out of the amusement park. Sam then fights through more city streets in order to reach Prince Chan's birthday party. Eventually, he manages to get there, but Prince Chan retreats to his castle before Sam can kill him.


  1. As soon as you enter the second area (past the ferris wheel area), look left. You'll see a crate with “TOP SECRET” on it. Destroy the box with something like the Double Shotgun, and a Super Health will pop out. Pick up the Super Health to register the secret.
  2. In the area with a circular door on the right side (it's the last area), go forward from where you entered the level until you hit a wall. When you reach the wall, look left. You'll see a chicken in ninja gear. Walk up to it in order to register the secret. Killing it will make it drop a Treasure Bag, but this is not necessary if you just want the secret registered.