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"This ain't Hellfire, but I do look pretty good in heels."
―Wilson to Sam[src]

Wilson was a helicopter pilot and a member of the Earth Defense Force. He was the only pilot to extract Sam twice during the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE.


After Sam destroyed the Alcor Class Warship that had been preventing the helicopter from landing at the end of The Power of the Underworld. Sam thought it was Hellfire, but, it was Wilson who had come to extract Sam with his UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter so that Sam could return back to headquarters, much to Sam's annoyance.

Unfortunately, during their flight back to base, he received a call from Quinn to inform Sam that the Time-Lock didn't activate according to plan, so Wilson dropped Sam to the island of Philae and informed Sam that he would be flying away at 20,000 feet in the air due to his fear of getting shot down by Mental's Horde. After Sam activated the Time-Lock safety system and defeated Raahloom, he managed to extract him out of there, impressed by how he could survive against Mental's hordes.


As Wilson escorted Sam back to headquarters, Sam mentioned how he managed to kill "about half the damn universe" back at the temples. Wilson was glad to be taking Sam back to base, but during the journey there, Sam noticed a Major Bio-mechanoid coming out from underneath the sand. Sam tried to warn Wilson of the threat, but he thought that Sam was talking about "technopolips, walkers and scrapjacks", but after telling Wilson a second time, it was too late, as a rocket fired from the Major Bio-mechanoid hit the helicopter.

Not long after the chopper was hit, Sam was sent flying out of the Black Hawk and lost consciousness, but managed to survived the crash, albeit due to his stubbornness for not wearing a seatbelt, again. As Sam travelled through the lost temples of Nubia, he came across the remains of the chopper, as well as Wilson's corpse.


  • Out of all members of EDF, Wilson's body and Garret's were the only ones that were not mutilated.
  • He appeared to be familiar with dangerous runs, as he discussed them with Sam before he was killed. Ironically, his lack of attention caused him to be killed, something that wouldn't be expected from an experienced pilot.

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