The Worm is an enemy in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Worm is an worm that appears to be living in the dead animal carcasses in Carrion Caverns. When a target approaches a corpse the Worm is in, it will burrow out of the worm and start moving towards the target. If it gets close, it will bite the target.

There are two types of Worm; small and large. Small worms will crawl to a target, while big Worms will try to jump towards the target and bite them in addition to crawling over. Their health appears to be very close, if not exactly the same.


  • Worms can be dodged by simply jumping on or over them. Big Worms can be dodged when they jump by walking backwards.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Worm is a non-threat. It is easy to dodge it, and it's health is so low that it will most likely be killed by the player shooting another enemy.