XM-214-A Minigun

10 (SS1, SS2), 20 (SSHD, SS3BFE)

Maximum Ammunition held

500 (Normal and Hard), 999 (Other Difficulties in SS1), 1000 (All Difficulties in SS2)

Ammunition Type

5.56mm bullets

"If this is a MINI-gun, I wonder what a MAXI-gun is."
~ Sam Stone

The XM214-A Mini-gun is a weapon that appears in Serious Sam 1, Serious Sam 2, Serious Sam 3: BFE and Serious Sam HD. It's the fastest weapon in the game.

NETRICSA informationEdit


  • Weapon: XM214-A Mini-gun
  • Ammo: 5.56mm bullets
  • ROF: 1200 bullets/min
  • Weight: 30 lbs


Evolving from the Gatling through Vulcan and M134, XM214-A is latest news in infantry armament. Self-powered and complete with a built-in magazine and a recoil adapter, this is the most powerful personal weapon available.


  • Use for short to long range confrontation with tough enemies or mass elimination of a large number of smaller opponents.
  • Spends ammunition quickly.


  • The Mini-gun fires faster than the M1A2 Thompson and the Uzis, and generally any other weapon, but it also wastes ammo faster than any other weapon.
  • There is a delay before firing as the barrels need to spin up to full speed.
  • In Serious Sam HD, the Mini-gun fires at a slower rate than previous games, but it now deals double damage per shot, which means it spends less ammo than usually.


  • Tap the trigger to keep the Mini-gun ready to fire, but do not attack unless enemies spawn.
  • Can be used to kill smaller enemies or wound bigger ones.
  • It is one of the best anti-Major Biomechanoid weapons, since you can destroy their rockets fast and wound them even faster. However, it drains ammo very quickly.
  • In Serious Sam HD, it can no longer wound Beheaded Soldiers since it deals double damage, which is instant death to them.
  • One of the best medium- to long-ranged weapons.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In Test 1, the Mini-gun had a different model and different sounds.


  • The Mini-gun in the classic games and HD is likely based on the real-world XM214 Microgun, a rotary weapon based on the M134 Mini-gun firing 5.56mm rounds. In BFE, the model has been changed to more closely resemble the M134; fittingly, in BFE it has a separate ammo pool from the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle, despite that weapon using the same 5.56mm rounds as the M1-A2 and Uzis of previous games which shared ammo with their respective Mini-guns.




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