"You see what happens when you move in front of my gun?"

The XM-214-A Minigun is an automatic minigun in Serious Sam 3: BFE.


The minigun is a 5mm, multi-barreled automatic weapon with a very high rate of fire. Like its many previous incarnations, it still functions as a powerful crowd control weapon, able to cut down waves of enemies like grass.

NETRICSA informationEdit

"Evolving from Gatling through Vulcan and M134, XM214-A is latest news in infantry armament. Self-powered and complete with a built-in magazine and a recoil adapter, this is the most powerful personal weapon available. At 1200 rounds per minute, it is ideal for confrontation with tough enemies or mass elimination of a larger number of smaller opponents. But it spends ammunition quickly."


  • Tap the trigger to keep the minigun ready to fire, but do not attack unless enemies spawn.
  • During the level The Dark Bride, if you spot the minigun, do not pick it up and stay behind it. Just let the Minigun Turret do the shooting against the enemy until it's over, as picking it up will waste the ammunition of the minigun and you have to take care of the enemy by yourself.
  • It is useful against stunned Scrapjacks to perform a melee grab but it only works on Normal, Hard and Serious difficulty.
  • The minigun is best used against medium-strength enemies, especially during close combat. As minigun fire is less controllable than the assault rifle, it should not be used against small and medium-sized groups of weak enemies.

Related achievementsEdit

Name and Icon Description Notes
Wall of Bullets

Wall of bullets

Kill 20 enemies with the Minigun without releasing the trigger. -