The XOP Gas Gun is a flamethrower that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The XOP Gas Gun was presumably designed by the same group that made the XOP Flamethrower. It sprays a pillar of fire when the fire key is held down. These flames can set enemies on fire, damaging them over a long amount of time. However, the flame itself has a short range, making it ineffective past short range.

In addition to napalm, the Gas Guncan also use liquid nitrogen and laughing gas canisters.

NETRISCA information Edit

AMMO: HV Napalm cannisters

RATE OF FIRE: Continuous

The XOP Gas Gun is the latest from the flamethrower range, allowing the user to save the world and BBQ all at the same time. The latest in micro-filter servos and gas-delivery systems ensures a smooth and even spread.


Loading the relevant cannisters allows the XOP Gas Gun to deliver three very different packages:

Napalm fires a jet of highly flammable liquid across a burner to produce a large jet of flame that can stick to enemies and carry on burning.

Liquid Nitrogen coats an enemy in extremely cold liquid and freezes them where they stand. This mode is less useful against larger foes who may take forever to freeze.

Laughing Gas is supported by the XOP Gas Gun but the cannisters are in short supply. If found, these deadly cannisters will paralyze an enemy in his tracks, forcing a convulsive laughter that will ultimately end in brain death.


  • The Gas Gun is very useful against weak enemies, such as the Beheaded-type enemies and Dum-Dums.
  • The weapon's short range makes it dangerous to use against Beheaded Kamikaze's. The XOP's maximum range is enough room for a Kamikaze's explosion to harm the player.
  • The Gas Gun is too weak to be used against medium or greater strength enemies.
  • The flames from the Gas Gun can make it difficult for the player to see if the screen is flooded with fire, so make sure to occasionally stop firing for a second to see where you're at if it is being used for a long amount of time.
  • It is an excellent way to conserve bullets for the XM4000 Minigun. It can destroy hordes of weak enemies with ease, but doesn't chew through bullets like the Shofield Uzi Pistols do.
  • The liquid nitrogen ammo is the same as regular napalm, but freezes enemies when the enemy is killed.
  • The laughing gas seems to do the same amount of damage that regular Napalm does, but stuns enemies if they are hit with the gas, making it useful for making large enemy groups more manageable while you spray them with it.


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