The XPMl21 Rocket Launcher is an experimental rocket launcher that appears in several Serious Sam games.

Serious Sam 1Edit

"Now that's some serious firepower!"
Sam Stone[src]


The XPML21 Rocket Launcher fires a single rocket every time the fire key is pressed. Rockets will continue to be fired if the player holds down the fire key.

When the fire key is held down, the rocket launcher has a high rate of fire. Rockets fired by the rocket launcher will go straight until they hit something. They are quite slow however, and do not home in on targets.

NETRICSA informationEdit

  • Weapon: XPML21 Rocket Launcher
  • Ammo: 150mm Inferno Missile
  • ROF: 85 missiles/min


Experimental missile launcher XPML21 is designed to provide infantry forces with a fast firing rate of fire anti-armor rockets. Fires high speed unguided self-propelled Inferno missiles.


  • Efficient against armored opponents and large masses of weak forces
  • Do not fire near close obstacles

Related achievementsEdit

The Second Encounter HDEdit

Name and Icon Description Notes
Rocket Man

Rocket man

Find all 3 Rocket Launchers in Palenque - Sierra de Chiapas. -




Serious Sam 3: BFEEdit

"Rocket launcher, accepts no substitutes."
Sam Stone[src]

The XMPL21 Rocket Launcher makes an appearance in Serious Sam 3: BFE, with a different model and sounds. The loading mechanism is also much different than its Serious Sam 1 counterpart.


The rocket launcher is designed to fire a fast barrage of rockets that can penetrate through armor. Its advanced loading mechanism fires up to 85 unguided self-propelled 150mm Inferno rockets per minute. Behavior-wise, it is similar to its classic counterpart, as it fires slow rockets at a decent rate of fire without having to be reloaded.

The XPML21 is first obtained in No Place to Hide, either normally or via secrets. It is used at this point to take down the pursuing Technopolip that initially appears in this level.

NETRICSA informationEdit

"Experimental personal missile launcher XPML21 is designed to provide infantry forces with a fast firing rate of anti-armor rockets. Advanced loading mechanism fires up to 85 missiles/min. High-speed unguided self-propelled 150mm inferno missiles are efficient against armored opponents and large masses of weak forces. Do not fire near close obstacles."

Behind the scenesEdit

Serious Sam 1Edit

  • In Test 1 and beta screenshots, the XPML21 Rocket Launcher had a completely different model (as seen in the gallery).


Serious Sam 1Edit

  • The rocket launcher is very useful against strong enemies, such as Adult Arachnoids and Major Bio-mechanoids. It usually takes around five or so rockets to kill such enemies, and because it has a fairly fast rate of fire, getting that amount of rockets into the air quickly is easy.
  • Groups of weak enemies, such as the Beheaded Rocketeer can easily be destroyed with this weapon. A rocket that targets the center of the group usually does the most damage because the splash damage from the rocket hits everybody around the victim, which is usually the rest of the group.
  • The rocket's slow speed makes it impractical to use at long range. However, if a target is too far away for a charged MK III Grenade Launcher shot to reach it, a volley of rockets will work, but it will take some time for the rockets to reach their destination.
  • The rocket launcher is not recommended against fast enemies that move left and right often, such as zig-zagging Kleer Skeletons. The rocket's rather slow speed makes it very possible for the fast enemy to go past the rocket before it hits.
  • This weapon can be dangerous to use against enemies that try to get close to the player, such as Marsh Hoppers, if the player isn't careful. If an enemy gets close to the player while the player is firing or just after a rocket has been fired, the player will suffer significant damage because of the splash damage from the rocket.

Serious Sam 3: BFEEdit

  • The rocket launcher is useful for clearing out groups of weak enemies quickly, such as hordes of Kleer Skeletons and Juvenile Antaresian Spiders. The explosion radius damage can kill multiple weak enemies in one shot. To maximize its effect, a rocket should be aimed at an enemy towards the middle of the group if possible. The explosion from the rocket hitting the enemy will hit all of his buddies around him, doing more damage than a rocket to the first enemy in the group would do.
  • It is also handy against larger enemies, such as the Adult Arachnoid and Scrapjack. It does enough damage that it can kill them after a few shots, and its decent rate of fire and, as these enemies don't usually strafe, (with the exception of Adult Arachnoids) this ensures that it'll consistently hit enemies at any range.
  • It is a good jack-of-all-trades weapon later in the game. It does a high amount of damage per shot (especially if the rocket makes a direct impact), has a good rate of fire, and most importantly, its ammo is common thanks to Ammo Crates. These make it very effective against any enemy the game throws at the player in the last few levels.
  • It is the "weakest" out of all the weapons that can damage certain bosses, such as the Technopolip or the Khnum. It has a slower projectile speed than the AS-24 Devastator and does less damage than the C-4 Demolition Charge. However, it has a consistent rate of fire, which lets the player constantly damage the enemy without needing to be reloaded.


Serious Sam 3: BFEEdit

  • In Serious Sam 3 BFE, the rocket launcher causes knockback at certain angles even on Tourist difficulty where no damage or knockback is normally expected. This can be exploited to make long-range jumps (for speedruns). This is fixed in Serious Sam Fusion.