XPML30 Rocket Launcher
Rl 2

50 (direct implact) + 0-80 (explosion radius damage)

Maximum Ammunition held


Ammunition Type


"Hi! Remember me? You'll always be my old love." - Serious Sam, reintroducing himself to the Rocket Launcher

The XPML30 Rocket Launcher is a weapon in Serious Sam 2.


The XPML30 is an improvement to the classic XPML21 Rocket Launcher. Like the XPML21, it fires Inferno rockets, but the mechanism has been improved so that the user no longer needs to reload; when the trigger is pressed, the gun will automatically load a new rocket into one of the four rocket slots (if there isn't a rocket in the slot, of course). This allows the user to fire much more often than with the XPML21.

The XPML30 is very similar to its predecessor; it fires a rocket that travels in a straight line until it hits something and is has a fairly fast rate of fire. The only real difference between it and the Serious Sam 1 Rocket Launcher is that its rockets are somewhat faster, making it more effective at medium or long range compared to the SS1 Rocket Launcher.


  • As with the SS1 rocket launcher, the XPML30 is very effective against enemies with a lot of health, such as the T-Mech. The Rocket Launcher is fast enough fire off enough rockets to kill the high-health enemies quickly.
  • Pairing the RB-45 Hand Grenade with the XPML30 is a very effective combo. Fire a rocket at the target, then toss a grenade at them right afterward. The combination of rocket and hand grenade direct impact damage will kill anything up to a medium-strength enemy with ease.
  • The Rocket Launcher is ineffective against flying enemies, such as the Helicopter at medium or long range. Rocket speed is is slow enough that the enemy can easily “avoid” the projectile via its normal pattern of moving around.
  • It is very effective at cleaning up hordes of weak or medium-strength enemies, such as Kleer Skeletons. One rocket will kill them, and the splash damage from the rocket that nearby enemies will suffer because of the rocket exploding will soften them up for another rocket or attack from a powerful weapon.
  • The XPML30 is useful for starting explosive chain reactions with enemies that explode when killed, such as the Beheaded Kamikaze or Marcel the Clown. The combination of the enemy and the rocket exploding will kill any nearby explosive enemies or damage non-explosive ones.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Early screenshots show that the XPML30's screen was not broken. As seen in the alpha footage of the game, it would display an icon of a rocket and seemingly reload every time a rocket is fired, indicating when it can fire again.


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