The XPML4000 Rocket Launcher is a rocket launcher that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The XPML4000 is a rocket launcher that holds four rockets at once, but fires them one at a time. It has a medium rate of fire, but each rocket takes some time to travel to its target, which can be crippling when using it on long-range targets.

Unlike other rocket launchers, the XPML4000 can accept two other types of rockets besides the usual Inferno rockets; heat-seeking and sonic rockets.

NETRISCA informationEdit

AMMO: 150mm Inferno Missile

RATE OF FIRE: 85 missiles per minute

The XPML4000 is the latest rocket launcher in Shofield's hugely successful line. This model combines a light weight design with a highly reliable delivery mechanism. Along with the latest telementry and guidance systems, this is a weapon that will turn even the most battle hardened adversary into a quivering wreck.


This upgraded model allows three different types of rocket to be fired once relevant ammo is collected:

Standard Warheads fly straight in the direction fired. The blast radius on impact is fairly small, however it is not a good idea to fire Standard Warheads in close range skirmishes.

Heat Seekers use onboard infared sensors to guide themselves toward the nearest target. They have the same blast radius as the Standard Warhead, so the same advisory applies when in close range.

Sonic Rockets produce a massive sound wave at the point of impact, causing a huge shock wave which can actually shake apart the constituent molecules of an enemy. It is advisable to only fire these rockets at long range targets otherwise the user can catch themselves in the blast with nasty consequences.

To cycle between rocket types use [bound key].


  • The XPML4000 is an excellent “all-around” weapon, as it can kill enemies with a medium amount of health with one or two rockets, and can down anything except bosses with a barrage of up to seven rockets, depending on the enemy.
  • A clustered group of weak enemies can be taken down with ease with one rocket thanks to the rocket's splash damage.
  • Do not use the XPML4000 in close-quarters. It's large splash damage can significantly damage or even kill the player if they are near where the rocket explodes.
  • The rocket's somewhat-slow traveling speed makes it ineffective against moving targets that are far away from the player. It is likely that the target will walk away from the rocket's path while the rocket is in the air.
  • Heat-seeking rockets will always lock onto the enemy closest to the player, so the player should make sure to clear out any cannon-fodder enemies approaching them before using the Heat-Seeking rockets.


  • The XPML4000's model is a lower-resolution version of the XPML21 Rocket Launcher's Xbox model with a different rocket texture.


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