Yodeller is a multiplayer level in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD.


Yodeller is a multiplayer level that takes place in a snowy village that appears to be based on the singleplayer level; Land of the Damned. This level is divided into three parts; a left side, a right side, and a windmill in the center of the level.

Yodeller is one of the more popular multiplayer levels because of it has good level flow. It has a good selection of weapons, and the houses help divide the level enough that there's plenty of cover for avoiding enemy attacks. It can also accommodate several playstyles, such as sniper, projectile users and short range combat.

Occasionally, Santa Sam will appear and walk across a level. His appearance will be marked by Santa Claus saying “HO HO HO!” When shot, he will drop a powerup, such as Invulnerability. After being shot a few times, he will disappear, but reappear a few minutes later.

Points of interestEdit

Windmill Sniper RifleEdit

In the center of the level is a windmill. Inside it a jump pad that leads to the upper part of the windmill, but the upper part is blocked by a grate. However, there is a switch to the left of the entrance to the inner windmill that moves the grate, which lets the player access the inner windmill. Inside it is a RAPTOR Sniper Rifle.

Windmill Super HealthEdit

On top of the windmill is a Super Health. This can be accessed by jumping on the windmill fan near the switch to the inner windmill.

Left sideEdit

To the left side of the windmill is a small area with a handful of houses in it. One of the leftmost houses is open, and has a XPML21 Rocket Launcher and some Rocket ammo in it. In the back of the area is a P-Lah Chainsaw. To the right of a home near the back is a Static Cannon, which can be activated by using it.

Right sideEdit

On the right side of the windmill's entrance is a Double Barrel Coach Gun, and a large village to the right of it.

The village has several important areas. In the center of it is an Extra Large Armor. Slightly to the left of the armor is a home with a MK III Grenade Launcher with several Grenades in it. To the right of the armor is a rope between two buildings with a rope connecting them. On the rope is a Serious Damage. The Serious Damage can be accessed by jumping on several roofs while running with the Military Knife.

On the outer rim of the village are several weapons. The upper rim has a Chainsaw, the middle rim has a usable Static Cannon, while the lower village rim has a XL2 Lasergun and several Electricity pickups. Just past the Lasergun on the very edge of the level is a XM-214-A Minigun with some Bullet pickups.

Serious Sam HD DifferencesEdit

The Serious Sam HD version has the same layout as the final's, but it's visuals are redeigned to look more like the HD version of Land of the Damned. Most notably, a large gate has been added near the Minigun and the left side of the level, making it easier to find certain locations for beginners.