Ziggurat is the sixth level in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, and the first level set in Ancient Persia.


Sam used the Time-Lock in The Pit and travelled into Ancient Persia, in a ceremonial temple named the Ziggurat. From there, he must travel through the city of Persepolis, all the way to the Tower of Babel, where another Time-Lock lies.


  1. From your starting position, make a circle around the building and collect a Sniper rifle.
  2. In the hall with some spiral starcases, one of the columns has an opening. Use that opening to collect a Heart, and then proceed back the same way you came there. You can also try to jump to the heart after entering the building after the starting area, but the first way is less risky.
  3. Once you are outside of the Ziggurat, head right and you'll notice a darker-colored section on the wall. Blast it with your single shotgun to reveal a +50 health cube.
  4. Opposite of #3, collect an item in the corner to reveal a "suicidal avenger plant". If you destroy the small plant before collecting the item, this secret will not register.
  5. Behind the tower on the left with the hawk wing in it, there is a lighter-colored section on the wall. Blast it with the single shotgun to reveal an Armor Shard. Picking it up will spawn a Major Biomech in front of you, but if you walk behind it and don't touch it, it will not notice you.
  6. When entering the building after collecting both hawk wings, look to your right and you'll notice a supply depot through a grating. After unlocking the door, enter the room and go to the right, between two pillars and through a dark hallway, to discover and collect the supplies.
  7. (HD-only)After the room with the Double Shotgun and Kleers, you will come across a gap with a spike trap below it. Jump in the spike pit to be teleported to a secret area, and jump through the teleporters spinning around a column in the secret area to collect a weapon (Serious Bomb in Single Player, SBC Cannon in Coop)
  8. At the right side of the village, in the distance, there are two lonely plants sitting. Collect the Serious Speed power-up there.
  9. From #9, blast one of the plants with a shotgun to reveal a Serious Damage.
  10. After placing both hawk wings and entering the residential area of Persepolis, in the courtyard to the right, after you deal with the initial attacks, to the left of the Winged Horse statue, in a corner next to a building, there is a health pill. Pick it up to enable the Boxing Barry secret. Then, look at the leftmost window of the building, you'll notice it is squeaking and moving. Blast it with a Rocket Launcher to spawn a Reptiloid, which in turn will be knocked out by a boxing glove. (On rare occasions, the glove can miss the Reptiloid, requiring it to be killed conventially.)
  11. In the same courtyard as #10, at the tower with the green sacred stone, go to the northwest from it and you'll see a wall. Blast a darker section on the wall and move through it, you'll be at a dead end. turn around and look up to your left from there, you'll see a platform with an Invulnerability power-up on it. Shoot a rocket at it to destroy it and collect the Power-Ip.


Before the final area, you can walk through the left door to find yourself in a puzzle-room which you have to survive through, and in the end, collect a +100 Heart.


  • "The Gates of Persepolis" is the second part of Ziggurat, from residential area until the end of the level, which is split for the Xbox version of the classic game.
  • In SSHD, the AI seems to be confused by the open areas of the level, and will oftentimes veer off in a random direction when attempting to path to the player. While this can sometimes buy the player time, i.e. when dealing with Kamikazes, it can also make faster enemies (such as the aforementioned kamikazes) difficult to consistently hit.

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