The Zixies are a species in Serious Sam 2.


The Zixies are a small, human-like species whose traits depend on their sex. Men have big noses and ears , while women have normal noses and makeup. Both men and women wear “primitive” clothes made out of plain brown cloth. Their clothes appear to make them look somewhat similar to hippies. Based on their women, they also have pink or purple hair, but most of them are bald, including their children. They appeared to be ruled by a single shaman, the Zixie Shaman. They also have some sort of religion, as implied by the ritual center that Serious Sam travels to. Actual details about it is unknown.

The Zixies live in Magnor's treetops, where they seem to be relatively safe from harm. They only seem to have recently come under attack by Mental, as the area seems peaceful until Serious Sam arrives at their home. They have some advanced weaponry, such as rocket launchers and Plasma Turrets, but they are rarely seen using it in defense of their home.


The Zixies seem to be quite advanced regarding mechanics, as they've managed to make a complex system of pulleys and elevators throughout their treetop home. They also have access to Rocket Launchers and Zap Guns, but it is unknown who is providing them these weapons or if they are making the weapons themselves. Like the Simbas, they seem to be advanced enough to have some pilots, as some of the pilot prisoners in Kronor are Zixies.

Notable ZixiesEdit

  • Zixie Chief