The Zorg Commander is an enemy in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD.


The Zorg Commander is a bipedal, skinless lizard-like creature. It's people, the Zorg, managed to create a large interstellar empire. After conquering enough planets, they decided to take a very long break by sunbathing from 10am to 4pm. The amount of sunbathing eventually caused their skin to fall off. After their disastrous vacation, Mental hired huge numbers of them and imported them from an unknown universe to act as disposable grunts. They now attempt to stop Serious Sam.

Unlike Zorg Mercenaries, Commanders have some skin left, which is the reason why they are commanders. Having skin also lets them lead Mercenaries into battle, wear underpants and not get blood stains on everything they touch. Having skin also means they're given a shotgun-like energy weapon as opposed to the weak two-shot burst guns used by the Zorg grunts, and have slightly more health.


The Commander gun fires five shots that are spread out from the center of the gun to create a 110 degree angle spread. This is very similar to the Beheaded Firecracker's attack, but the shots fired by a Commander do not hug the floor, do over twice as much damage, and are much faster.


  • The Commanders projectiles can be jumped over. This is very useful, if say the player can't dodge out of the way in time, but has enough room to jump over the blasts.
  • Zorg Commanders almost always appear in small groups accompanied by mercenaries, so the player should use either use the M1A2 Thompson or a single-barreled shotgun to take care of them. Large groups can also be taken care of with the Thompson with ease.
  • Attempting to melee a Commander is not a good idea because if the player gets close to the Commander and the Commander fires, all of the blasts will hit the player at once, causing major damage.
  • If possible, the player should try to get a few Mercenaries around a commander then launch a rocket at the Commander to kill it and several Mercenaries at once.
  • With other enemies, the Commander can drain the player's health if the player is too focused on killing other enemies. Like the Beheaded Firecracker, the player should quickly kill the Commander whenever they have a chance.



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